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Sun, Mar 24



Full Moon Session with Kundalini Yoga & Breathwork

Join us on for a transformative evening of Kundalini meets Breathwork, specially curated to align with the energy of the first Full Moon of Spring - the Worm Moon.

Full Moon Session with Kundalini Yoga & Breathwork
Full Moon Session with Kundalini Yoga & Breathwork

Time & Location

Mar 24, 2024, 5:00 PM – 7:00 PM GMT+1

Zürich, Wyssgasse 2, 8004 Zürich, Switzerland

About the event

The Worm Moon holds immense power for a time of renewal and rebirth, to set intentions, and manifesting abundance in our lives. Through the practice of Kundalini yoga and conscious connected Breathwork, we will embark on a journey of deep self-discovery and connection.

Our evening begins with a grounding Kundalini yoga session, where we will cultivate awareness and awaken the dormant energy within us. The practice will be infused with the intention of embracing the transformative energy of the Full Worm Moon. Through carefully curated kriyas, breathing, and mantra chanting, we will activate and balance our energy centers, creating a harmonious flow throughout our being.

Following the Kundalini yoga session, we will transition into a guided meditation focused on the ethereal qualities of the Full Moon. By harnessing the lunar energy, we can tap into our intuitive wisdom and manifesting abundance in our lives.

As we enter the final phase of the evening, we will engage in a Conscious Connected Breathwork.k session. This technique empowers us to access expanded states of consciousness, allowing for the release of stagnant energy, emotional blockages, and limiting beliefs. Through a specific breathing pattern, we create a powerful flow of life force energy, cleansing and revitalizing our entire being.

Together, we will create a supportive and uplifting atmosphere, fostering a sense of community and connection. This event is open to practitioners of all levels, whether you are new to Kundalini yoga and breathwork or have an established practice.

Don't miss this opportunity to embrace the transformative energy of the Worm Full Moon and experience the profound benefits of Kundalini meets Breathwork. Join us and embark on a journey of self-discovery, healing, and manifestation.


  • Full Moon Session

    From CHF 40.00 to CHF 50.00
    • CHF 50.00
    • CHF 40.00


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