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“With every breath I take, I am sending love, gratitude and healing

to every single cell in my body."

Louise Hay


A little bit about me


My name is Jessica. I'm 31 years old and I grew up in Switzerland. Grateful to have been able and still am to experience living in various places (Australia, Hong Kong, China, France, USA, England). 


I’m a highly sensitive person or empath, or whatever you prefer to call it :).

This always felt like a burden especially as a child/teenager. It made me feel alone and like an alien. I tried to stuff this way down by trying to fit into the “system” by working in corporate jobs or start-ups.


I tried to adapt to the “masculine feminine boss type”. Yet, I consistently sensed a lack of connection, especially as my body refused to cooperate and eventually shut down (burnout).


During this time I already learnt to incorporate various tools to ground myself, clearing my energy, rest and reset. I continued my process/journey to relearn to listen to my intuition/gut feeling and especially to my body and its sensations. Thereby I had to learn to sit with the really dark and heavy emotions to uncover layer by layer and to integrate it. 


Therefore, I am highly passionate to combine all my tools with my natural gifts and share it. Especially nowadays I feel it is so important to come back to your body, as your body has all the wisdom YOU need: what you have to eat to be healthy, which relationships and environments are aligned and so on. By reconnecting to it and uncovering the layers the body has accumulated, it can guide you the way. 


If you want to know more, just reach out via mail or set-up a call :) 

My area of focus are:
  • To enable to access emotional states through body awareness

  • To support to uncover unconscious feeling states

  • Holistic approach with integration support (I don't believe in the one solution fits all)

  • We will work with your body/sensations to guide you back to your own knowing/trust

  • Self-regulation especially in a fast paced working environment

  • Nervous system regulation

  • Trauma informed approach

  • Inner-child work

  • Energy worker/alchemist

  • Guidance and Support for Career Enhancement (Transition, Establishing Boundaries, Negotiation, Cultivating Inner Harmony)

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