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“With every breath I take, I am sending love, gratitude and healing

to every single cell in my body."

Louise Hay

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My name is Jessica, and I am a soulful and empathic coach and healer.


I am highly sensitive to people’s emotions, and I very easily pick up energies around me from places, situations and people. This used to overwhelm me, I felt stuck and out of place especially while working in a corporate environment. As these uncomfortable feelings grew stronger, my desire to feel free, wild and magical again grew stronger. I also had this inner knowing that my sensitivity, even though at that moment it felt like a burden, is my gift which I want to use to support others on their journey. This due to as I was always able to tune into people and show them what their experience wants to teach them. With this inner knowing and vision of me, I embarked on my own healing journey.



Throughout my healing journey I learnt to set clear boundaries, speak up for myself, relearnt to listen and trust my intuition, center myself, open my heart and soul. In general, I was I able to rediscover and reconnect with my inner self and create an abundance life. This led to that I can live a free, wild and magical life. I shifted from being overwhelmed to be able to recognize, honor and use my superpower. 


My area of focus is:

  • Self-regulation especially in a fast paced working environment

  • Nervous system regulation

  • Lessen anxiety

  • Find more peace and grounding

  • Trauma informed healing

  • Inner-child work

  • Tap into inner knowing / reconnecting with intuition

  • Restore trust in body and self



Let me ask you:

"What is your vision?"

When considering this, do not think about what you want or what job or relationship you think you need, consider how do you want to feel every day when waking up. 

Do these feelings not make dependent on someone or a certain situation. 

Do not think too far, just try and give yourself full permission to dream and imagine all the positive feelings you can have in this lifetime and write it all down. 

I bet or hope this little exercise, made you feel good. 

Let me help you bring your vision into life. 


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