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Embark on Your
Womb Wisdom Journey

I'm so deeply thrilled to share with you this incredible medicine - womb massage.
This is an offering that comes deep from my heart (and womb ;)).

I wished I had these tools and knowledge when I was a teenager as I belief my whole experience with my first periods - the pain and depression I experienced in the beginning would have been a very different story.

But I'm so grateful to have been able to learn these techniques & wisdom
and therefore I'm even more grateful to share this now with you.

My deepest desire is that you share this with as many women as you can so they can continue to share this with others. And together we create this movement of reconnecting to our womb and therefore our divine feminine essence.
For me this is empowering, liberating and act of self-love. 

This offering is for every woman
who yearns for more self-love,
more femininity, support and release
with menstrual or sexual discomfort.  

This offering provides you with self-care rituals, practices and tips to guide you back to you inner wisdom.

Supporting you with very gentle tools to reconnect with your divine feminine, which is playful, soft, open to receive and strong.

Feel like you need some nurturing, release and reconnection? 

This guide supports you to reconnect with your womb

on a phyiscal and emotional level,

with your inner wisdom and divine feminine.

Practices you can find in this playbook:

Untitled design.jpg

Some Benefits you can experience

Reconnect with Feminine Essence

The womb holds the essence of your femininity and creative power.

By connecting with your womb space, you can tap into a deep wellspring of intuition, wisdom, and inner strength.

This reconnection allows you to embrace your authentic self and live in alignment with your true desires and purpose.

Physical Well-being

It can enhance circulation, increase oxygenation, and improve the overall health of your reproductive organs.

It may alleviate menstrual discomfort, balance hormone levels, and support reproductive health.

Emotional Release

The womb is a repository of emotions and experiences.

You have the opportunity to release suppressed emotions, trauma, and energetic blockages that may be stored within this sacred space.

This release can bring a profound sense of emotional healing, liberation, and renewed vitality.

Nurturing Self-Care

It is a powerful act of self-care and self-love.

It provides an opportunity to cultivate a nurturing relationship with your body, honor your femininity, and create space for deep healing and transformation.

Do you feel like you would like some support or receive the womb massage?

Offering in person womb massage or training session

Offering online consultation after or before Womb Massage

Always excited to hear from you what your experience is with the womb massage 😍

What came up for you during the massage?

It can be very normal that during or after the womb massage and self-inquiry, a lot of emotions or memories can surface, even in dreams some days after. Also if this doesn't happen and you "just" felt a nice relaxation, this is also normal :)

Whatever arises or doesn't, it's okay and normal.

If you feel like you need support, would like to talk what has come up for you

or just share in general.

please reach out and let's connect!

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