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by Integrating Your Logical Understanding

with Your Feelings and Body

“It feels like my body is separated from me.”   "I'm afraid to feel my feelings."


“My body & mind feel like a cage.”   "I think my way through feeling."


“I feel like I can’t & never have fully breathed.”   "In relationships I always have one foot

                                                                                           out the door."

"I don't think I've ever felt my body."   "What does it even mean to feel my body?"

"I've done talk therapy but I still feel like there is a part of me which I can't fully access."

Does this sound familiar?

Then let me introduce you to:
Somatic Inquiry

Learn how to feel - your body and feelings -

through your body’s sensations. Integrate and process it with your logical understanding.


Unravel, understand and unlearn your survival patterns which stop you from living your life to the fullest.


Liberate your mind and body.

Themes we can explore:

  • Inner child, trauma-informed and shadow work

  • Somatic Parts Work

  • Learn to connect to your body and feelings

  • Learn to feel every emotions - move beyond the analytical mind

  • Learn to process and integrate your feelings

  • Integrate your logical understanding with your feelings

  • Breathwork and Somatic Work

  • Embodiment Practices

  • Build a strong inner centre which holds you through the ebbs and flow of life

  • Discovering of your desires and purpose 

  • Relationship work 

  • Discover what is holding you back and set yourself free from it

  • Transform how you feel within and  your outer reality

  • Discovering and integration of the feminine and masculine principals

  • How to be and integrate your sensitivity in daily life

  • Feel, connect and trust your intuition - distinguish between fear and intuition

  • Learn how to be in your own energy, expand, hold and protect it


When you look in a mirror and you see a frown,

altering the mirror won't transform the frown; instead,

it's within yourself that the change to the frown must take place.

Words from a client which I think describes the process beautifully.

A client once came to me and in the exploration call she told me about a dream she had. In the dream she was under water, the water was so clear like in the Caribbean. And there in the clear water was a boat, a dark boat, and she was scared of the boat. She wasn't able to touch the boat and didn't want to get close to the boat. 

So after having been working with me where she uncovered certain subconscious parts and beliefs. She then came back to me one time and said that having been doing this work with me, where in a safe space she was able to connect to her subconscious and bring it to the surface and having had the support to integrate it in her daily life, she was now able to touch a certain part of the boat.

And with every time we uncovered another part, she was able to touch more of the boat and get less and less scared of it. She started to relate to the boat - her subconscious, her fears - differently. 

I just love this story as I feel like it perfectly explains the work we're doing together. And in general I'm a huge fan of dream work as there also for me the integration and transformation continues on a deep level. So love how that dream happened before our session and the symbolism of it. 

Are you curious to find out more?

To learn how Somatic Inquiry can support you?

I invite you to book a free Discovery Call with me.

I know how powerful this practice is. I’ve witnessed it within myself over and over and also with each one of my clients. It’s accessible to us all, to go deeper and create true transformation.


I know how it feels like to feel separated from my body and feelings. To be scared to feel or feel too much. To think I’m too sensitive or then too ice cold - to have a constant guard up.


I know how it is to going to talk therapy for years and it helps but there is still something that you feel like you can’t yet access.


I know how it feels that you attract similar situation and people in your life and you have the awareness of it but can’t seem to change it.


Somatic Inquiry supported me and all my clients to create true transformation from within. 


It helped me and my clients to “suddenly” attract new people and new situation into our lives.


It helped us to connect to our bodies and feelings. To be able to hold and PROCESS OUR FEELINGS.


Doing this work, is the work for brave ones. As it’s about taking responsibility and seeing the truth. It’s not about others but about ourselves. It’s always about ourselves.

A powerful and short practice for when you feel like you're stuck, want more understanding

or release.

A practice to connect to your body and its sensations.

To start learning to uncover and relate to different parts.


How brave can you be? To start feeling and processing?


To unravel what’s hidden inside of you. 

To liberate yourself from emotional and physical pain?

To create true change? 

To start living and breathing fully?

To get uncomfortable and feel every emotion - the light and the dark?

Words from Clients

“Jessy is a super empathic coach that really helped me through some rough patches.  She works with different approaches so that you can find out what fits you best and helps you most in your situation. It also helped a lot that she could relate to so many situations i was in. It was a relief to hear that she had gone through the same issues. It’s her whole package of knowledge, empathy and also flexibility that helped me in my personal situation.”




Individual Sessions

1 Session - 90 min

with One Time Integration Support after the Session

Instantly bookable below for 

CHF 330.-

6-week Progam

Perfect for Post-& Pre-Retreat Integration & Connection

3 Sessions of 90 - 120 minutes

We meet every other week so you've time to integrate what has come up in the last session.

With support in between the sessions.

Weekly Payment of CHF 215.- or

Pay in full CHF 1250.-

Signature Program for the Lionhearted

6 Sessions of 90 - 120 minutes

We meet every other week so you've time to integrate what has come up in the last session.

With support in between the sessions.

Each session is individually tailored to you to go deeper.

Weekly Payment of CHF 200.- or

Pay in full CHF 2250.-

Feeling called to work with me long term?

Please fill out form below and I’ll get back to you soon to schedule an intro call.

How committed are you?
Create what works best for you!

p.s. let me tell you a little secret I wish I had known earlier: 
if you know you have a session booked like you're committed to the session. The transformation and revelation in between the session is even bigger. Or this truly supported me so much compared to when I just booked it when I "felt" like it. Because let's be serious, sometimes we then just forget about it again or kind of fall into old patterns as it's comfortable. That's why I am a huuuge advocate of programs
as they offer a deeper level of transformation 🙏.

Awareness is growth. Noticing something is holding you back and deciding to change it is already a huge shift.

Even though it's uncomfortable as you turn on a light switch in a scary room. Turning on the light supports you to start relating to the uncomfortable and move forward.

It's about being compassionate and patient in the process of rewiring how we operate.

How does Somatic Inquiry Work?

It's a simple and gentle technique where we connect with the sensations in your body and mind to uncover different parts, stories and beliefs 

I, the practitioner, will guide you to bring awareness to your body and the sensations you're feeling. Through asking (inquiring) these sensations like for example where does it come from, does it want to say something, how old is it, does it want to move, we then go into the subconsciousness and uncover the root of it. Mostly you start with one sensation or feeling, but you probably will end up somewhere completely different as the whole session is a journey in itself. You decide how deep you want to go. 

Basically, we go in a dialogue together with your body, your sensations and your feelings to bring your subconscious to the surface. 

It might seem so simple/gentle or at least it does for me compared to other healing modalities but every time it goes so deep and uncovers other hidden layers. Every time it's like wow, what just happened. And you can feel the shift in your body and mind as most of the time a huge release occurs on a physical and emotional level already during the session. But especially in the days and weeks to come a shift is occurring as you're integrating what has come up in the session. And as life is a mirror, I belief  the real transformation happens in daily life as you can see it instantly reflected to you. Therefore, it's so important to me to be able to be here for you during this integration process. I don't belief in a quick fix but I do belief in the process/journey and sustainable long lasting change.


It might feel like you're going in a circle but it's not a circle it's a spiral where you're moving in and out of it till the process is completed. And that is where I support you outside the session. If something comes up you feel like sharing or need support or a breakthrough (these are the best messages :)), you can reach out to me on your preferred way of messaging so you're not alone on your journey.

What is she talking about with sensations in the body and mind?

So for example, you know that when you have a fight with your boyfriend or girlfriend and you get these sensations/feelings in your body, like tightening in the chest or shoulders, a foggy head. And it's usually the same sensation over and over again, you might not even be aware of them in the situation and you might even experience them in other situations as it's the same subconscious part or belief you're repeating in different scenarios.


It can also be the self-talk or a belief you're aware of as for example the sensation of feeling stupid at work (very common for women). And so in the session we bring the awareness to this belief and the feeling in the body which is associated with this belief. This is the starting point of the inquiry.

You might not even be aware of the sensation in your body associated with a certain belief or negative self-talk, but every thought it's connected to the body. 

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