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Build the bridge between your
analytical mind, body and feelings.

Start to learn to feel - your body & your feelings.

Have you done talk therapy before or are still doing it?


Do you feel like you’re still dealing with unresolved issues after months or even years of therapy?

The number one reason for this is that you haven’t included the body in your healing. 

Your body stores all your experiences and emotions attached to it since before you were born. They're so called implicit memories which are part of our subconscious.

Therefore, it's important to access these memories which manifest as parts within us. If not looked at, these parts can start to manifest in the body as pain, (chronic) illness, sleeping disorder or many other things related to our health.


We access them through the sensations in our body. 


It's not about having a one-time experience but to unravel the memories and truth behind it. Thereby we set free hidden parts and old feelings as shame, desires, fears, anger or whatever has been stored within us. We don't only feel the feelings of past experiences but we bring our logical and compassionate understanding to these parts. 

The approach of combining our logical or analytical understanding with our body and feelings supports us to feel truly liberated in our body but also mind.

The shift that happens within and in your outer reality when you get uncomfortable by seeing and feeling the truth is incredible. You transform not only how you feel in your body or environment, but also your reality starts to change as life with all it's challenges suddenly seems easier to handle. You feel more powerful, you attract different relationships. You feel a deep sense of trust in yourself and also others. You feel more powerful and resilient. You sleep better. You're overall healthier and more content with your life.

We've been trained to run away from the uncomfortable, to avoid the difficult feelings. Especially in our western society we've been taught to leave our feelings at the door. So we start to numb ourselves, deny and avoid them. If we're honest with ourselves, it frightens us to death to go deep within to the core of our ourselves, our truth. We're afraid of what we might discover. And it's scary but also immensely brave.


And the truth hurts but by seeing and feeling it for what it is, it liberates us.

It's not my job to make you feel comfortable, it's my job to create a safe space for you, build a trusting relationship with you and guide you by asking the uncomfortable and hard questions so that you can access and feel your truth to liberate yourself. 

A powerful and short practice for when you feel like you're stuck, want more understanding

or release.

A practice to connect to your body and its sensations.

To start learning to uncover and relate to different parts.



  • Sunday's are for Breathwork
    Sunday's are for Breathwork
    Sun, Jul 28
    Jul 28, 2024, 7:30 PM – 9:00 PM GMT+2
    Jul 28, 2024, 7:30 PM – 9:00 PM GMT+2
    Join me once a month on Sunday for a Conscious Connected Breathwork Session for CHF 22.- Sundays are a day of reflection, rejuvenation, and renewal. It's a time when the week slows down, and we have the opportunity to turn inward and reconnect with ourselves.

Words from Clients

“Jessy is a super empathic coach that really helped me through some rough patches.  She works with different approaches so that you can find out what fits you best and helps you most in your situation. It also helped a lot that she could relate to so many situations i was in. It was a relief to hear that she had gone through the same issues. It’s her whole package of knowledge, empathy and also flexibility that helped me in my personal situation.”



Embark On The Journey Within


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